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Welcome To Z-Orchard

Z-Orchard is located in rural northwestern Wisconsin, just 60 miles east of Minneapolis/St. Paul in beautiful Amery, Wisconsin, in the heart of the St. Croix River Valley. The facility is a working orchard producing apples, fresh maple syrup, and local honey. The orchard is adjacent to the “Stower Seven Lakes State Trail” – an area abundant in forests and wildlife. Open seasonally for harvest sales and special events.


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Meet Our Team

Our Ladies
Our LadiesThe Boss(es)
Who are we kidding? We all know is really in charge! By the height of summer it is over ONE MILLION bees, the majority of these are females. They pollinate our apples trees, the maples trees, and pumpkin patch. They also travel a distance of up to 6 miles from Z-Orchard collecting pollen and nectar throughout our community. No worries about visiting, the bees are consumed with their work and are too busy to bother with us!Come see our observation hive where you can get up close and view the bees through glass and learn more about their fascinating and important role in nature and at Z-Orchard.
Bill Zager
Bill ZagerOwner and Groundskeeper
From planting the trees to keeping the grounds, Bill Zager is the man behind the tractor. He enjoys working on the variety of projects that the orchard demands. He also enjoys the opportunity to learn from long-time residents and friends who have a history of farming in the area – they have helped him to establish the orchard and to keep it thriving.