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Local Honey JAR- 2lbs

2lb of Honey in a Classic Queenline Jar.

100% Local “Raw Honey”.

The color of the honey varies throughout the northern growing season depending on the flowers that the bees have been foraging upon.

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Product Description

100% Pure Local “Raw Honey” in a Classic Queenline Jar- 2 lbs.

This Classic Queenline Jar is plastic to help reduce shipping costs. If you prefer glass please contact us for availability and to arrange special shipping.

Z-Orchard honey is all sold as “Raw Honey”. This means that it is extracted from the hives, strained through filters, but it is not heated.

All raw honey will crystallize in varied amount of time. You can use crystallized honey, or liquefy by heating water to 150 degrees, remove from heat and place honey container in the heated water. Leave honey container in water until cool.

Do not refrigerate honey.

WARNING: Do not feed honey to infants less than one year old.


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